Boy Bands will be the Death of Me

I am a Rusher, Directioner, Gleek, Lovatic , Mixer , Fanmily. I take request ... Mind you I am in College so if I dont make your story right away thats why . Enjoy my Page :)

Apr 19

marcel-thenerd asked: i'm pretty good thanks, what have you been up to?

School lol

Anonymous asked: How 'bout you write a big time Easter imagine ( maybe where they do something with their kids.)

Oooh :)

payne-bby asked: Do you remember me??

Hey!!! How are ya!

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appreciation collage for Liams biceps

appreciation collage for Liams biceps

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so collegeboard recently stated that they would revise the SAT to make the question more relevant to what students actually learn in high school. here’s twitter’s response 😭😭

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Favorite Bromance: Mathan. 

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4/5 of The Wanted and the crowd singing Happy Birthday to Nathan 4/18/14 in Detroit. :) Sorry you can’t really see Nathan… Stupid signs. :(

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Britney & Demi after seeing Emblem3 walk out

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